The Mist - UV and Heat Protect Hair Perfume

The Mist
UV and Heat Protect Hair Perfume

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Scent Selection


The Mist is the #winning product to knock that dry shampoo off your beauty shelf. Perfect for colored hair, extensions and even those with thinning hair, The Mist does it all. With UV and heat protection, its the perfect product to help refresh and silk any style while protecting your scalp, and color from harmful damage caused by heat styling and sun exposure. Utilizing Sunflower seed extract, The Mist will make you hair feel as good as it smells!

Heat Protection

UV Protection


Silky, Shiny, and Protected


Silky, Shiny, and Protected

The Mist is everything you need and more! UV & Heat protection, sunflower seed oil and INSANELY GOOD scents to top it off. Refreshing your hair couldn’t get any better.

UV protection

Help preserve your color and scalp with added protection from your fun in the sun!

Sunflower Seed Oil

Rich in antioxidants and fatty acids keeping your hair shiny and moisturized. Also laden with gamma alpha linolenic acid (GLA), it is a key player in hair loss prevention. 

Heat protection

The Mist ensures that whether its a curling iron, flat iron or blow drier, you will be protected from heat damage!

Scent Profile

Incorporating Citrus, Floral and herbal scents, Vert Flora creates a clean floral scent for everyone. 

Step 1

Mist 4-5 inches away from the hair.

Step 2

Use at the root/scalp in place of dry shampoo and to protect the scalp from UV.


May also be used throughout the hair for ultimate heat styling protection.


Can be used on damp or dry hair and style away!