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The ModelSmith

The ModelSmith hosts a Pre-Miami Swim week swim show in LA!
Event date: June 29
The ModelSmith in partnership with The Argyle will be providing a pre- Miami Swim Week show in LA to show you what we're bringing to Swim Week next month. While showcasing female owned, local and growing brands and sponsors. Funds raised will go towards getting our own boutique, independently and female owned agency to Miami!

Beauty & the Best: Yantra, The Bomb!
By Telina Cuppari
May 2018
"Not all beauty products are made for both men and women — however, Yantra Beauty’s The Bomb is not your average moisturizer. For men with beards, The Bomb re-texturizes and conditions producing a healthy, full, and nourished result. Dry cuticles? The Balm is a lifesaver and takes your irritated cuticles from gaunt to fabulous. The Balm helps to moisturize and soothe any irritation. Another perk about The Balm is that it can also be used as a pomade on the hair to produce a moldable and textured look. This is definitely a product you will get the most out of your money..."

Give Mom the Upper Hand in Taming Her Hair with YANTRA Beauty #giftsformom18
by Sherryl Wilson
May 8, 2018
"Does you hair reacts to the changes in seasons so much that the same hair style looks completely different in the summer versus the winter? Taming my hair is something I have battled this for years without finding a consistent solution. Either the products are difficult to use or I don’t like the way they feel on my hair. YANTRA Beauty Hair Serums gives me the upper hand in taming my hair this summer!"

How To Stay 'Original' And Consumer-Driven In The Crowded Beauty Industry
April 17, 2018
"Creating a brand has always been a personal dream of mine, a dream that would not have been possible without my amazing team and my phenomenally talented partner, Stacey Yudin. Our company, YANTRA Beauty, is a boutique hair care and lifestyle brand focused on creating an environment for education about your daily routine and the products you use. We set out to have YANTRA make a unique space for itself in the beauty community as well as create a platform to empower people. Unfortunately, getting to that goal comes with its fair share of struggles..."

BEAUTY & THE BEST - by Patricia Wersinger
January 15, 2018
"Formulated scientifically with rare ingredients straight from of Mother Nature, Yantra’s luxurious hair serum brings life and vitality back to dry, brittle hair. Free of weighing fillers, the Reign Supreme Serum is super light and easily absorbed by your hair, imparting moisture and vitality. Just use 1 or 2 pumps of serum on wet hair before a blow-dry, or work it into dry hair to tame frizz. Any hairstyle can be immediately refreshed without needing to rewash your hair."


Gift Guide - by Alexa Curtis
December 19, 2017
"There's nothing a millennial loves more than some progressive, gender-neutral goodness. That's why YANTRA Beauty products are changing the game. The boutique hair care and lifestyle brand is meant to be unisex, with quality ingredients that aim to restore health and vitality. The best part? 10% of all purchases are donated to a charity of your choice! We personally love Hidden Warriors, a project that beautifies breast cancer patients and survivors for an over-the-top glam photo shoot that brings out their inner goddess."

Sip The Botanist, Soothe With Yantra & Shop With Gilt!
by Delaina Dixon
November 10, 2017
"SOOTHE (and SUPPORT!). We love a good multi-use product as much as the next DivaGal! So we loved learning about the hair care and lifestyle brand line YANTRA Beauty. Devoted to creating products that are multi-functional and gender neutral, we sampled the Reign Supreme hair serum, a weightless oil that adds smoothness and shine, utilizing oil from the Alexandrian laurel from the Polynesian islands, which is known as a restorative element for the skin. Yantra also offers The Bomb, a beard and cuticle balm: The company is also dedicated to giving back: when you check out from their online store, customers are given the opportunity to choose between multiple charities, who will then receive 10 percent of the total to help continue their causes."