The 2017 Yantra Lookbook

The YANTRA freshman product lineup is here and being Clueless about your hair has never looked so good.

Purchasing any of YANTRA's products gives you the opportunity to give 10% back to one of our unique charities.

YANTRA wants to bring you the knowledge and inspiration that will help you incorporate attainable hairstyles and just an all around rad-ness to your life.

By sticking with with the overall theme of being amazing, YANTRA's formulations are original which is how we are bringing you these products that actually work.

Starting as a hairstylist and working with many brands I was noticing that they weren't working for me or my clients the in the way I wanted them to. Which is how YANTRA came to fruition.

Creating products that work and giving you all the education and know how to feel amazing everyday is important to us as a company.

The Freshman lineup is all about introducing you to YANTRA and introducing YANTRA to the world. The Bomb and Reign Supreme are just 2 of the many styling products that will be coming your way over the upcoming months and we are going to completely BLOW. YOUR. MINDS with our shampoo and conditioner system that will have you upset that you have ever used anything else.Stay tuned over the next couple of months as we dive deeper into the Freshmen Lineup with tutorials, interviews and the best freaking content you've ever seen out of a beauty brand.

I hope that YANTRA will educate, empower, and inspire you beyond your beauty routine!

Luca Burnett Luca Burnett Creative Director

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