Top Hair Care Tips to Survive Halloween With Healthy Hair

Top Hair Care Tips to Survive Halloween With Healthy Hair

As if this year hasn’t snuck past us quickly enough, Halloween is right around the corner. Perhaps a night of dressing up, costume makeup, and theatrical hairstyles are just what we need to lighten the mood of 2020! However, Halloween can be a horror night for your hair. After being doused in products we’re not used to and accessories that pull at each strand, our morning-after hair is never a pretty sight. 

Start Prepping Your Hair Early

Like most brunettes going blonde should know, prepping your hair with a deep-conditioning mask a while before your appointment might reduce some of the damage. For spooky season, the same rule applies, just minus the bleach.

To ensure your hair is in a healthy state before suffocating it with pounds of hairspray, temporary hair colors, hair clips, and so on, start tending to your hair early with a high-quality hair mask. Olaplex No5 has become a cult favorite in the hair industry for its ability to strengthen, hydrate, and repair broken hair. Whether you have color-treated or virgin hair, Olaplex will give your hair the strength that it needs for Halloween night.

If you prefer an all-natural and affordable hair mask, the power of coconut oil shouldn’t be overlooked! Coconut oil is packed with essential vitamins and fatty acids that penetrate the hair cuticle while moisturizing the scalp. There’s no protein in coconut oil itself, but it does contain 50% lauric acid which helps to strengthen the protein structure of your hair. 

Best Products For Healthy Halloween Hair

We’re not saying you can’t use temporary color to complete your costume this year, but we do have two rules for the sake of your hair health: stay far away from the spray paint and use high-quality styling products!

Heat Protection

Before even thinking about going in with hot tools, don’t forget to spray your hair with a heat protectant. We recommend using The Mist because it’s an all-in-one product. While protecting color-treated or virgin hair from heat, The Mist is also capable of refreshing dirty, dull, or dry hair by giving it a boost of hydration from its key ingredient, sunflower seed extract.

Hair Spray and Texturizer

Just about every Halloween costume calls for an extra-strength hair spray that guarantees all the work that you’ve put in will stay intact, no matter what happens throughout the night.

The Beach Pump, despite its name, is not only good for giving you beach textured hair; it’s also perfect for holding your style. Clean hair can be difficult to work with, especially when you’re going for an unconventional hairstyle. That’s when you’d go in with a product that will texturize the hair, but you want to make sure that the product doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that will lead to damage. 

The Beach Pump’s main ingredients are aloe, salvia seed extract, and linseed extract, all of which work to restore that shine that most hair sprays would hide. A good hair spray and texturizing product will decrease the number of bobby pins and elastic hair ties you’ll need to use, which relieves your hair of stress caused by pulling.

Oils and Balms

If your costume calls for slicked-back hair, let’s say you’re going for the Ariana Grande pony, make sure you have an oil and balm on hand. You can use coconut oil if you have it at home, but if you want to avoid “greasy” looking hair, go with a serum and styling balm. Warm 1-2 pumps of the Reign Supreme with your hands and start applying at your ends, working your way to the roots. 

Not only will a high-quality serum give you the slicked-back style minus the grease, but it’ll also restore your hair with moisture that would otherwise be lost from using multiple products at once!

Finish the entire look off with The Bomb, a multi-purpose product for just about anything from beards, cuticles, or hair styling. The Bomb will act as a moisturizing hair pomade to get a polished look by taming persistent flyaways with hair-loving ingredients like shea butter, beeswax, and coconut oil!

Post-Halloween Hair Care


Once the night comes to an end, try not to go straight to sleep with a head full of product, bobby pins, and whatever else your costume called for! This will only lead to further damage in the morning when there’s still time to revive the hair post-Halloween festivities. 

Stay tuned for our next blog post, which will cover all the post-Halloween hair care tips that you need to know, but in the meantime, start prepping your hair. Halloween might be a little different this year, but even if you’re planning a spooky night of watching movies and eating too many bags of candy, that’s still a reason to continue the tradition of dressing up!

- Your Friends at Yantra Beauty