The Hair and Skin Benefits of Sleeping With a Silk Pillowcase

The Hair and Skin Benefits of Sleeping With a Silk Pillowcase

If you wake up each morning to an untamable head of hair, you might want to reconsider the material you rest your head on. Believe it or not, bed head isn’t something you need to embrace. You can get rid of it by switching out your cotton pillowcases for satin or silk!

Even if your morning hair isn’t that bad, upgrading your pillowcases to silk has other beauty benefits like reducing frizz, preventing split ends, hydrating the skin, and clearing acne. If you struggle with any of these things, keep reading to find out why it might be worth sleeping on luxe material.

Prevents Morning Bed Head

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Thanks to the slippery material of silk, your hair can slide around as you sleep at night, instead of tangling up. The rough fibers in cotton or synthetic fabrics don’t provide enough slip for your hair to keep its style or remain smooth.

Anti-Frizz and Split Ends

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Beyond that, imagine a life without frizz and split ends. If that sounds too far fetched, we’re happy to tell you that it’s not! Silk pillowcases can cut your morning routine in half by eliminating the time it takes to untangle and defrizz. Put simply, after curling or straightening your hair once, you won’t have to re-curl it every morning after that initial styling session!

Also, the cotton fibers pull at your hair causing it to tangle, which can break the hair during the night or as soon as you attempt to brush it out. Silk is gentle on the hair, reducing the chance of getting split ends or breakage.

Hydrates Your Skin and Hair

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Like we said, silk pillowcases can actually transform your skin as well. If you have dry, textured skin, your cotton pillowcase might be the one to blame. Cotton material is extremely moisture absorbing, making it the perfect material for undergarments or workout clothing. But for your skin and hair, cotton leads to flaky skin and dehydrated hair since the pillowcase soaks up your natural oils.

Anti-Aging and Acne-Friendly

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As you might already know, the reason the skincare industry stresses moisturizers, facial oils and masks is because frequent moisture prevents early signs of aging. Silks ability to retain moisture can help you combat dry skin, while slowing down the appearance of fine lines.

Ever wake up to sleep indents all over your face? Although they go away after a few hours of being awake, it’s a clear sign that your pillowcase is tugging at your skin. Sleeping on a silk material means your skin will be pulled far less throughout the night, and there won’t be as much friction, which can also lead to wrinkles.

When it comes to acne, you may have heard you should try sleeping on your back. And if you’ve ever given that a try, you’ve probably given up by now since it’s difficult to stay in one position! A silk pillowcase won’t magically zap away pimples overnight, but it can eliminate your acne due to soaking up less bacteria and moisture than cotton. When you’re sleeping on a cleaner surface, you won’t need to worry as much if you sleep on your stomach throughout the night.

Now that you know all of the beauty benefits that silk pillowcases have to offer, from smoother hair to clearer skin, it’s safe to say that you might never go back to sleeping on cotton!