Must-Haves From Yantra Beauty's 2020 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale!

Must-Haves From Yantra Beauty's 2020 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale!

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Black Friday Discount Code: BFDAY25

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Get ready, it’s almost our favorite Friday of the year: Black Friday! And you already know what that means; it’s our biggest sale of the year and the perfect time for you to get all of your Christmas shopping out of the way. To make it that much more exciting, we might even throw in free shipping!

In honor of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’ve thrown together our list of Yantra Beauty must-haves with a complete breakdown of everything you need to know about our products to get you ready for the sale. Everything from what to expect from each product to which one’s would make the perfect Christmas gifts; we’ve got you covered!

Reign Supreme Hair Serum

If you’re only buying yourself one thing this holiday season, you’re going to want to get your hands on a bottle of Reign Supreme. This light-weight hair serum is packed with fatty acids and nutrients that can transform the health of your hair. Our secret ingredient is alexandrian laurel oil, a natural substance that’s extracted from a tropical plant, otherwise known as the beauty leaf.

The Reign Supreme is the perfect 2-in-1 product to improve shine, moisture, and control frizz, since it doubles as a leave-in conditioner and a hair serum. Beyond that, it smells so good that you’ll be sniffing your own hair all day. Grab a few for your stocking stuffers and don’t forget to get one for yourself!

The Mist

This might go without saying but in 2021, we’re no longer letting our friends use heat tools without a heat protectant first! The Mist is a revolutionary hair product that not only protects from heat and UV, but it soaks up oil like a dry shampoo and refreshes dirty hair like a hair perfume.

It’s core ingredient is sunflower seed oil, which makes The Mist rich in antioxidants and fatty acids that will increase shine and hydration. Just about everyone who styles their hair by using a blowdryer, straightener, or curler could use an effective heat protect to shield their strands from prolonged damage.

Even if hot tools aren’t included in their morning routine, The Mist protects the hair from UV damage. We might not leave the house much in 2020, but we’re all bound to see the daylight at some point!

Beach Pump

If you love a voluminous, bouncy hairstyle, the Beach Pump is a must-have in your hair arsenal. Whether you’re shopping for your Christmas list or hitting all of the Black Friday deals for yourself, the Beach Pump guarantees maximum volume and the perfect beachy texture that everyone will love.

There’s no better hairstyle than the natural wave you get after leaving the beach. It’s perfectly “undone” and effortless yet there’s something gorgeous about the texture that salt water gives your hair. The Beach Pump mimics that same texture, but it also goes the extra mile by acting as a hairspray. It’s an essential finishing product for your Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve hairstyles!

The Bomb

If you couldn’t tell already, we’re all about the multifunctional products. If a product can deliver two or three things all at once, it definitely deserves a spot in our hair routine. The Bomb is a gender neutral moisturizing balm that can be used for hydrating beards, dry nail beds, or as a pomade for styling the hair.

It makes a great gift for anyone on your list that doesn’t have the time, or the patience, for multiple products. It’s infused with shea butter, beeswax, and coconut oil, so it’s safe to say that a balm couldn’t be any more moisturizing than this one!

Pillowcases: Satin or Silk

If you’ve been dying for a luxurious pillowcase but the price always stops you, next weekend is your chance to take advantage of our sale and start waking up with gorgeous hair. Whether you get the satin or silk pillowcase, you’ll notice a difference in the length of your blowouts and the texture of your hair. The slippery material lets your hair slip and slide around throughout the night, without tugging or pulling on the strands.

Our hair comes first, but we all know that our skin is just as important. Sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase will also have you waking up to smoother, plumper skin. If you sleep on your stomach and often wake up to lines all over your face, then these products were made for you!

There you have it; all of the essential details that you need to know about our must-have products so that you can start preparing for the big day!

Now for the part you’ve all been waiting for; don’t forget to use the code “BFDAY25” at checkout for 25% off plus free shipping! And just in case you miss our Black Friday sale, use code “CYBER” for 15% off on Cyber Monday. Mark your calendars, make your lists, and happy shopping!

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