Multipurpose Beauty: 3 Different Ways to Use The Bomb Balm

Multipurpose Beauty: 3 Different Ways to Use The Bomb Balm

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If you couldn’t tell already, we’re big fans of multipurpose beauty products! Instead of carrying around a heavy bag full of single-use products, we think your routine should be simple, easy, and multifunctional. As much as we love trying new products ourselves, we also know that it’s not the most realistic routine to have on a daily basis. Especially when you’re rushing out the door or doing touch-ups in your car, who has the time to bother with several products when you can have one that does it all?

If you’re looking for that all-in-one moisturizing product that’s compact enough to throw in your bag, we’ve got something for you. The Bomb is a gender-neutral, one of a kind texturizing balm with an ultra-hydrating formula! You can texturize your hair, moisturize your nail beds, or even hydrate your beard, all with one product. Here are our best tips on the various ways to use The Bomb balm!

Texturizing Pomade

If you have short hair, take a nickel-sized amount of product and warm it up between your palms. Run the balm through your hair to create the perfect moldable, texturized look! Thanks to the added shea butter and coconut oil, this balm won’t give you that sticky or crunchy texture that most hair sprays and pomades do!

Even if you have medium to long hair, this balm is perfect for slicking back flyaways and frizz. Especially if you’re going for a sleek high pony or ballerina bun, The Bomb will become a staple product in your routine to give you the strongest hold.

Cuticle Moisturizer

You’ve probably used a styling pomade at least once or twice in your life, but we bet you’ve never used one that can also moisturize your nail beds! Since it’s such a small and compact component, it’s the perfect product to throw in your bag and take with you for whenever you need a quick dose of moisture.

Just a bit of product onto your finger and rub it on your nail beds to give you instant relief from dryness or irritation! Any product that’s leftover, you can rub it into your hands since The Bomb has a clean ingredient list that’s safe for your skin!

Hydrating Beards

Last but not least, use The Bomb to hydrate your beard if you have one! Since it’s infused with high amounts of fatty acids and essential vitamins like vitamin E, A, and F, it almost acts like a beard treatment! Its hydrating formula can treat dull-looking beards, leaving you with a smooth and silky finish. Take a pea-sized amount of balm, warm it up between your fingers, and apply it straight to your skin and beard. For the most polished look, be sure to run a comb through your beard to finish it off.

That’s the power of clean beauty; you can use each product for multiple areas on your body thanks to clean, safe, and effective formulas! If you weren’t a believer in multifunctional products before, we promise that you will be once you give The Bomb a try for yourself!