A Guide to Holiday Gifting: Gender-Neutral Personal Care Gifts

A Guide to Holiday Gifting: Gender-Neutral Personal Care Gifts

Let’s face it; the holiday season is the most joyous time of year, but it can feel incredibly chaotic! When finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list feels utterly impossible, some of our loved ones end up getting the obligatory candle, chocolate, or gift card. And as we all know, last-minute gifts never feel as special as ones that have been throughout and planned!

If you ask us, you can never go wrong with creating a personal care pack filled with two or three products that they would love to have but probably wouldn’t buy for themselves. Here’s a list of our favorite beauty gifts, and the best part is, all of the products are gender-neutral, making your holiday shopping that much easier.

Stocking Stuffers and Individual Gifts

If you love a good stocking stuffer, we have some small packaged products to make your stockings a bit more exciting to open this year!

The Bomb Beard and Cuticle Balm

Perhaps the most universal crowd-pleaser ever, The Bomb is an all-in-one beauty essential that moisturizes everything from head to toe. And we mean that literally because this balm can be used to moisturize dry nail beds, slick back fly-aways, or hydrate beards! Instead of filling your stockings with typical gifts like gum and candy, switch it up and go with something that everyone would love!

Reign Supreme Hair Serum

The Reign Supreme Hair Serum is conveniently packaged in a small bottle that fits perfectly inside all holiday stockings! While amping up the gifting experience, this serum will actually transform their hair too. Don’t let the small bottle fool you; this serum is packed with the highest quality, clean ingredients to restore the health of all hair types.

Hair Care Bundles: Products To Gift Together

Moving on to the bigger gifts, all of our products are meant to be used in conjunction. However, certain products pair exceptionally well with each other and make your gift feel and look cohesive!

The Healthy Hair Bundle: Satin Pillowcase + Reign Supreme Hair Serum

The gift of healthy hair might just be the most meaningful gift you can give to someone struggling to restore their hair’s health. If that sounds a bit dramatic, then you probably have healthy hair! For someone who has dry, frizzy, and damaged hair, nothing is more helpful than a set of products that target their specific hair concerns.

The Satin Pillowcase is a soft and silky material to keep the hair from breaking throughout the night. It’s not only life-changing for the hair, but also for the skin since satin acts as an antibacterial. When paired with the Reign Supreme, we consider this duo the most powerful first step towards achieving healthy hair!

The Styling Bundle: The Mist + Beach Pump

The Beach Pump and The Mist make the perfect bundle to achieve any hairstyle while keeping it healthy. We’re all for using hot tools, but a healthy head of hair comes first. The Mist should be applied as the first step in the hair care routine to protect from UV and heat damage throughout the day. After the first line of defense, the Beach Pump gives the hair maximum volume, hold, and a beach wave texture!

The Luxury Bundle: The Mist + Reign Supreme Hair Serum + Silk Pillowcase

If you feel like going all out this year, create the most luxurious hair care set with The Mist, the Reign Supreme, and the Silk Pillowcase. When you gift all three of these together, we can guarantee you that the person receiving it will never forget your gesture!

These products are perfect for someone who wants to step up their hair game and start a self-care ritual just in time for the new year. The Mist is their fortifier, the Reign Supreme is their dose of hydration, and the Silk Pillowcase completely eliminates their bed head!

Using high-quality hair staples will change the health of their hair, which is the ultimate confidence booster in itself. It might seem like a bunch of hair products on the outside, but at Yantra, our products are designed to perform, making others feel good about themselves and helping them find joy in the self-care process. So when we say you can never go wrong with personal care gifts, we mean it!