5 Easy Thanksgiving Hairstyles

5 Easy Thanksgiving Hairstyles

Since most of us are having a quarantined Thanksgiving this year, who has the time to bother with a complicated hairstyle? We still want to look and feel our best, but it doesn’t mean your hair should take hours upon hours to style!

We have five easy, quick, and mindless hairstyles for whatever kind of mood you’re in. Whether you feel like something slicked back and chic or completely effortless and carefree, you’ll have your Thanksgiving hair done in ten minutes. Beyond that, we happen to know of a few products that will make the styling process a whole lot easier so you can spend more time enjoying your holiday!

The Smooth and Sleek Blowout

Anytime there’s mention of a “blowout,” it automatically sounds complicated and time-consuming. We’d be lying if we said there wasn’t any truth to that, but it doesn’t need to take up your entire morning! For a smooth and sleek blowout, you’ll need a few things: freshly washed hair, a heat protectant spray, a hairdryer, a flat iron, and a smoothing hair serum.

A smooth, straight hairstyle is a classic look that doesn’t require curls, which some of us dread, or tons of product to hold all day. Before using any heat tools, always coat the hair with The Mist to stay protected from heat and UV rays while texturizing the hair to make it easier to style. Once you’ve flat ironed your hair, The Reign Supreme Hair Serum is key to achieving a sleek and shiny hairstyle!

Loose Waves

If you need a more voluminous hairstyle, try adding some loose waves, which looks like it takes more effort than it actually does! Instead of ending up with a head full of tight ringlets, use a curling wand with either a 1.5” or 2” barrel diameter. A thicker barrel not only means less time spent styling, but it also creates a more effortless look. And for this Thanksgiving, that’s just what we need!

To keep your curls intact throughout the day, finish the look off with a spritz of the Beach Pump. It’s a three-in-one product giving you volume, texture, and most importantly, a strong hold without getting crunchy!

The Wet Look

If you really want to go completely effortless and heatless, go for the classic wet look, like you just stepped out of the shower, only better! Instead of just towel drying your hair and then heading out the door, the “wet” look requires a few products to still look like you tried.

You get to keep your hair natural, the only difference is that it’ll air dry even better. Spray The Mist all over your wet hair, the Beach Pump at your roots for volume, and if you have natural waves, give it a good scrunch! Just like that, you can head to Thanksgiving dinner without anyone calling you out for not doing your hair!

The Sleek Pony

Your Thanksgiving pony doesn’t need to be as high or as tight as Ariana’s, unless that’s what you’re going for, but you can still get pretty close! A high, slicked back pony is the perfect style for keeping your hair out of your face, but looking like you spent time getting all done up.

The best tip to achieving the ultimate sleek pony is using the Reign Supreme Hair Serum to add shine, and then finishing it off with The Bomb. We love multi-purpose products, and The Bomb does it all. It’s that all-in-one product to keep those stubborn flyaways and baby hairs down, add hydration to the rest of your pony, and even moisturize your dry nail beds if you need it!

The Effortless Pony

The sleek pony isn’t for everyone; some of us prefer a messy, undone pony, which is just as gorgeous! Especially if you like to keep your hair out of your face, but easily get headaches, a loose pony is perfect.

For this look, we recommend using the Beach Pump on dry hair to get that beach-wave texture, and then spray The Mist to top it off. Pull two sections of hair out in the front, add some earrings and you’re done. As long as you use the right styling products, there’s no reason you can’t achieve a gorgeous, effortless hairstyle this Thanksgiving!